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About the Foundation

The Grace Hospice Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to increasing awareness of the importance of hospice care. The Grace Hospice Foundation was born from our strong commitment to improve our community.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to educate the community about hospice and promote hospice as an optional treatment for terminal patients, to help grant the final wishes of the families and patients and to make hospice care available to patients regardless of their ability to pay.

Cost of Caring Campaign

For hospice, the cost of caring is $135.80. This is the average cost per day for hospice care in the Tulsa area. But sadly many people in our community cannot afford this, either because of lack of insurance, or the insurance they do have (including Medicaid) doesn't cover hospice care. These patients are all somebody's loved one. They are moms, dads, aunts, uncles, friends, and neighbors. While a few hospices provide cost-free care to these unfunded patients, many others are unable to care for patients in need without financial help.


This program stands for Wishes, Assists, Needs and Thoughtful Support. Through this program the Foundation addresses special needs and wishes of patients or families. In recent months we have helped defray the cost of patient transportation from their home to Clarehouse, purchased space heaters for patients who did not have adequate heat in their rooms, provided Christmas presents for long-term nursing home patients and helped to defray the cost of burials for families who were unable to cover all the funeral costs.

Many times when these needs are brought to the Foundation's attention we look for community partners that can help us help others. The W.A.N.T.S. program intends to do all it can to honor the wishes, the requests for assistance, the needs and the thoughtful support that can make a real difference in the quality of the last part of their life.

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Community Education

The Foundation provides resources and educational events to civic organizations, churches, support groups, healthcare agencies and other public/private factions that may benefit from a variety of hospice topics. A Speakers Bureau also offers detailed seminars on clinical, spiritual and legal issues affecting end-of-life care.

For more information call 918-500-9434.

Community Support Groups

Generous contributions to Grace Hospice Foundation have enabled the organization to provide weekly support groups to Tulsa and surrounding communities. The “Special Series,” offered in spring, summer and fall, offers help for those people dealing with various loss and grief issues related to life in general. This educational opportunity provides skills and tools needed to move through the various stages of the healing process. In addition, specific cost-free educational classes, seminars and private support groups are introduced throughout the year and offered to the community. For more information please follow the link below:

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Board Members

  • Mr. Joseph Moore, MD President of Grace Hospice Foundation
  • Mrs. Tracy Barrett, Vice President
  • Mrs. Michelle Hathaway, Treasurer
  • Mrs. Cheri Hatfield, Secretary
  • Mrs. Sharon Doty, Development
  • Mr. Mike Capps
  • Mrs. NeLexia Galloway
  • Mrs. Ava Hancock, Executive Director of Grace Hospice
  • Mrs. Heidi Ducato, Chairperson of Grace Goes 80's
  • Mrs. Hayden Kennedy

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